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The background images are taken from Ivor Gurney's Gloucestershire: Exploring Poetry & Place by Eleanor M. Rawling (The History Press, 2011) with kind permission of the author and publisher.

Why Sing?

We are delighted to announce Why Sing? — three conferences in 2017/18 which explore the evolution, and the physical, psychological and social benefits of singing from the Stone Age to the present day. The Evolution of Singing took place on Friday 28 April 2017 in the beautiful Church of the Order of St John - CLICK HERE to view the programme.

Details and dates for the next event, The Power of Singing: Religion, Revolution and Tribalism, and the final two-day conference, Singing Together: Wellbeing and Learning, will be announced in due course.

"The closer to uncertainty and death you are, the more important music becomes."

- Lt Col Bob Meldrum - Music, Poetry and the Trauma of War, LSO St Luke's, 2 November 2014


  • To bring together the worlds of science and the arts
  • To advance understanding of the value of music and other art forms to the mind, brain and body

CLICK HERE for videos and transcripts from our conferences on:

  • Worlds in Collision: Music and the Trauma of War
  • The Beethoven Question: Can Art Make Life Worth Living?
  • Why Music? Is Music Different from the Other Arts?

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