2011 Conference ‘The Musical Brain: is music different from the other arts?’
Friday 7th October 2011 at the UCL Institute of Neurology, Queens Square, London WC1N 3BG.
The evening concert, which is integral to the conference, will be in St. Pancras parish church, a ten minutes walk away.

BABCP (British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies) annual conference announced.
To be held at the University of Surrey, Guildford, 20-23 July 2011. For more information visit their website: www.babcp.com

A documentary film by Robert Golden on the work of Nigel Osborne, composer, and Professor of Music at Edinburgh University, showing how music in the community and
music therapy help to heal children suffering from secondary war trauma in Bosnia
and other neurological and psychological problems.

Available to download:


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Objective Cinema. The film centres on a children’s summer camp above Sarajevo which Professor Osborne has run for the
last 12 years. Together with numbers of his students, theatre and music practitioners and other music therapists, he helps
the children to develop their own theatre piece. This leads the children into realms of creativity, it develops cognitive skills,
calms them emotionally and enhances their self-confidence. Alpha Woodward, an experienced music therapists, explains to
a group of teenagers from Srebrenica the meaning of secondary trauma and how they may use techniques and skills to help
younger children in their blighted town.

A GIFT OF CULTURE will be of interest to people involved with child psychology, music therapy and cultural development in
both the global north and south as well as giving a general audience insight about the aftermath of war. Included in this
film are three extras:
• an interview with Nigel Osborne
• an interview with Alpha Woodward
• a seminar in which Ms Woodward and Darren Abrahams, a trained singer and theatre practitioner, help a group of young
people from Srebrenica to cope with troublesome children in their theatre group

  Imagine you are in Rio de Janeiro at Carnival time. It is late at night, but you are walking through streets full of people. You
are relaxed, and happy to feel aware of yourself, or your body
and of the present moment. Sounds, scents, shapes and colours drift through your senses, seeming to arise, mingle and
disappear in an almost “timeless” flow.

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  Saturday 15th August 2009
Only a few minutes into Friday’s programme of presentations
and music, I found myself wishing that I’d chosen that day to
report on. The moment that Professor Nigel Osborne took to the plinth in the Mews conference room, the atmosphere became charged, with a keen sense of inquisitiveness, enthusiasm, and
a hunger for rigour. It was an atmosphere that would prevail throughout the weekend, as speakers, musicians and delegates immersed themselves in a rich world of music, psychology and neuroscience.

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(In top photograph: Greg Harradine, Kirstin Anderson, Lou
Johnson, Emily Carr, Lyndsey Dryden, Jonathan Colgan ,
Carolina Naess, Pierce Hale

(In the bottom photograph, the speakers from left to right, are Robert Zattore, Nigel Osborne, Katie Overy, Stefan Koelsch and Jessica Grahn.)


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