Friday 24th October 2014

Friday 24th October 2014

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Musicologists, scientists, medical professionals and performers will debate the questions: how does performing and listening to music affect the brain? Does it increase your capacity to retain information? Is there a 'Mozart effect'? Does music have the power to heal?

Speakers: Prof Jessica Grahn, Prof Jane Ginsborg, Stephen Johnson, Nigel Osborne, Prof Michael TrimbleKirsteen Davidson-Kelly and Prof Dale Hesdorffer. 

Performers: Ian Brown piano, James Gilchrist tenor, Anna Tilbrook piano

Full price: £95 / Student (full-time, available on a first come first served basis): £35

Conference programme:

Introduction  10am Ian Ritchie, Artistic Director 

Mozart's Life and Times Stephen Johnson

Mozart and Musical Memory Prof Jessica Grahn
A scientific perspective of Mozart's fabled memory – a general view of musical
memory and achievements of other savants.

Memorising Music Chaired by Prof Jessica Grahn
Kirsteen Davidson-Kelly, Prof Jane Ginsborg, with Ian Brown, James Gilchrist and Anna Tilbrook
Different strategies for memorising music, from both instrumental and vocal perspectives.
What are the key differences between 'learning' and ‘memorising'?

The "Mozart Effect" Prof Jessica Grahn 

Music, Memory and Cognition Chaired by Prof Michael Trimble
Part I   Therapeutic Applications – Prof Michael Trimble with Nigel Osborne
The benefits of music in treating Dementia and other physical and mental conditions

Part II  Brainwaves and Sonification
Nigel Osborne with Prof Michael Trimble and Prof Dale Hesdorffer
How music may affect sleep patterns and brainwave frequencies to treat Epilepsy

Prodigy to Genius: Nature or Nurture?
Stephen Johnson with Prof Jane Ginsborg and Prof Michael Trimble
New insights into the much-debated question of how musical talent is developed.
And what do we mean by ‘prodigy' and ‘genius'?

Panel discussion: all speakers, chaired by Ian Ritchie
Further reflections on the power of music, prodigy and memory

Concert  7.30pm
James Gilchrist tenor, Ian Brown piano, Anna Tilbrook piano

Bach Concerto for two keyboards in C (movement)
Songs by Mozart, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Bernstein, Finzi & Ravel
Sonata in D for Two Pianos K448 

 This event had live subtitles delivered by STAGETEXT, generously supported by the National Association of Deafened People.

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