The Beethoven Question: Can Art Make Life Worth Living?

Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th October

Purcell Room, Southbank Centre

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Saturday 27th October - DAY ONE

10.00 Introduction – Stephen Johnson

10.15 Beethoven's life and deafness - John Suchet  

Followed by discussion with Stephen Johnson and questions


11.15 Beethoven's deafness, his string quartets and his three styles – 
Prof Age Smilde, and Dr Edoardo Saccenti, of Biosystems Data Analysis at the Swammerdam
Institute for Life Sciences at the University of Amsterdam: with the Sacconi Quartet 

Followed by discussion and questions – with the Sacconi Quartet and Stephen Johnson

12.15 Coffee

12.30 Lost and Sound: a moving creative documentary made by a partially deaf filmmaker, Lindsey Dryden.
It weaves its way through the startling world of sound and silence of: a dancer deaf since birth,
a young pianist who lost her hearing as a baby, and a music critic facing sudden partial
hearing loss.  Featuring: Dr David Eagleman, Philip Ball, Professor Nigel Osborne, Dr Katie
Overy, Professor David Huron, Dr Robert Zatorre.

1.30 Lunch (not provided)

2.40 Music and Deafness:
Introduced by Prof Michael Trimble

Music and its Impact on the Deaf

Dr Paul Whittaker OBE, Artistic Director of Music and the Deaf

The role of art in coping with sensory impairment 
Robert Fulford, Centre for Music Performance Research, Royal Northern College of Music 
Effects of Hearing Impairment on Music Making
Joined by Nigel Osborne, composer, co-director of the Institute for Music in Human and Social 
Development, and Lloyd Colemancomposer

Discussion with Michael Trimble, Paul Whittaker, Robert Fulford, Nigel Osborne and Lloyd Coleman         


4.50 Tea

Panel discussion: The Need to Compose
Introduced by Nigel Osborne with Stephen Johnson, Barry Cooper and Lloyd Coleman

5.45 Pre-concert break

6.45 Concert – The Sacconi Quartet

Introduction by Ian Ritchie and Stephen Johnson

  Beethoven String Quartet Op.18 No.4 in C minor (1800)
Lloyd Coleman String Quartet (2009)
Beethoven String Quartet Op. 132 in A minor (1825)

Sunday 28th October - DAY TWO

We regret to announce that the audio of day two was not recorded due to circumstances beyond our control. Written transcripts are currently being prepared and will be available shortly. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

10.00 Summary – Stephen Johnson

Beethoven's Piano Sonatas – Prof Barry Cooper

Discussion and questions - with Stephen Johnson and Ian Brown


11.15 Coffee Concert
Piano Recital, Ian Brown

Beethoven  WoO 47 No. 2 in F minor
Beethoven Sonata Op.110

12.00 Panel discussion: The Need to Perform –
Ian Brown with Stephen Johnson, Prof Barry Cooper, and members of the
  Sacconi Quartet

Lunch (not provided)

2.15 Beethoven: Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know - Prof Michael Trimble

3.00 Beethoven and Words

Beethoven's Approach to Word Settings and Folksong arrangements - Prof Barry Cooper

Beethoven: Father of the Lied - Prof Richard Stokes with Stephan Loges and Anna Tilbrook

Discussion and questions with Stephen Johnson, Barry Cooper, Richard Stokes and Stephan Loges


4.30 Panel discussion: The Need to Listen - music in the face of human problems

with Michael Pugh, Stephen Johnson, Prof Michael Trimble, and Lloyd Coleman

5.00 Open discussion: Can Art make life worth living?   Have we answered the question?

with Ian Ritchie, Stephen Johnson, Prof Michael Trimble, Prof Richard Stokes and Prof Barry Cooper

5.45 Pre-concert break

6.45 Concert – Sacconi Quartet, Stephan Loges, baritone and Anna Tilbrook, piano

Signed by Dr Paul Whittaker OBE

Introduction by Ian Ritchie and Stephen Johnson

Beethoven  String Quartet Op. 59  no 3 in C major, Razumovsky (1808)
Beethoven Folksong arrangements (1813 – 1818) – baritone and piano trio:
The Soldier
Faithfu' Johnie
The Pulse of an Irishman

Beethoven An die ferne Geliebte Op.98 (1816) – baritone and piano
Beethoven String Quartet Op. 135 (1826)  in F major (1826)

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